Hello, My name is Kurtis. I am single, 37 years old, and I have been searching for the one since I’ve lost my first love back in 2011.

When I started the dating scene again, I thought to myself, “how hard can it possibly be?” Believe be, it was hard, awkward, and frustrating. I learned, as we get older, finding the “one” becomes┬ámore difficult as we are trying to get to the next chapter in our lives. I have been on countless dates by networking through friends, online dating, and the good old pickup at bar scenes. Most of the dates failed on the first meeting and only few were success. Don’t a lot of our dates now days seem like an interview?

I got fed up with a lot of the dating scene and started to research on what I could do to increase my ┬áchances of having a successful date. I’ve gone from asking my female friends, reading endless blogs, and watching endless YouTube videos that help me with more insight of what women possibly wants.

I have to say, I am way more confident when going on dates and a lot of my dates turn out successful but, still couldn’t find the one that I’d consider, “my significant other”, “partner in crime”, “my life partner”, you get the idea. So, my search still continues.

I have owned and operated my own dating site and I have threw many singles parties through out the DC. Metro area. A lot of people met and had great time. I have received emails of others getting engaged, married, etc. “Wait… should’t I help myself first?”

Don’t be discouraged because your date turns out bad. Believe it or not, there are A LOT more unsuccessful dates than you think. Don’t give up! Be more confident in yourself and it will take you further than you may think!

Kurtis Jin